Pedagogical Conditions for Developing Special Competencies of Pre-service Primary School Teachers Using the Project Method

  • Saltanat Abildina, Gulsum Ayapbergenova, Botakoz Tulbassova, Makhabbat Revshenova, Nazymgul Assenova


Today, the improvement of the quality of higher education requires a deep understanding of education, its essence, and purpose, the selection of its current tasks, trends, and prospects for development. To ensure the development of special competencies of HEI graduates, it is necessary to develop their project-related skills during the whole period of training, when studying all disciplines of the curriculum. It implies the simplest problem tasks and complex real projects demanded by vocational educational and industrial institutions. In accordance with the analysis of psychological and pedagogical literature, the authors have identified five groups of dissertation studies that are the theoretical foundation for the research of various aspects of the development of special competencies of pre-service primary school teachers using the project method, and carried out experimental research, during which special competencies were developed using the project method in school practice.