Implementing Analytic Mechanics Learning Based on Multiple Representations on GeoGebra Software: In Forwardness to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Mr-Geo.4ir)

  • Tri Isti Hartini, Liliasari, Agus Setiawan, Taufik Ramlan Ramalis


Analytic mechanics is a course that requires a media to be able to improve students' concept understanding. To face the industrial revolution 4.0 era, the education that can establish creative, innovative, and competitive generations is importantly needed. Objectives - This study examines the analytic mechanics learning based on multiple representations (MR) using GeoGebra software in forwardness to face the industrial revolution 4.0 (MR-Geo.4IR). This study involved 21 third semester students from one of the private universities in Jakarta. The instrument used was GeoGebra software to analyse images and graphics in an analytic mechanics concept in an MR-based concept module and student-worksheet. Methods - This study used quantitative and qualitative descriptive methods to determine the achievement of students on MR-based analytic mechanics learning using GeoGebra software on gravity and central force (GCF), particle system dynamics (PSD), rigid object rotation (ROR), and three-dimensional rigid object rotation (3DROR) materials. Findings - The results of this study found that the average score percentage of MR-based concept module from 3 respondents is 14.29% in “very high” category, from 17 respondents is 85.71% in “high” category, and from 1 respondent is 0.05% in “moderate” category. Based on student-worksheet assessment results, it is found that the average score percentage for each material from 21 respondents is 62% in “moderate” category for GCF, 77.10% in “high” category for PSD, 83.33% in “very high” category for ROR, and 78.95% in “high” category for 3DROR. It can be concluded that MR-based analytic mechanics learning using GeoGebra software in concept module and student-worksheet filling can improve concept understanding mastery in GCF, PSD, ROR, and 3DROR materials. Research Limitations - Limitation of this study is that this study only involved one class with a small number of students from merely one university. So that the results are not potential enough to represent the overall situation. This can be a way to conduct further research with more study materials. Originality - This study is the first study that scrutinize MR-based mechanics lectures using GeoGebra software in analysing verbal, images, graphics, and mathematics.