The Business Feasibility Study for Impact of Mangrove Planting in Sustaining the Environment of the Production of Products as a Drink

  • Hasyim Hasman, Iskandar Muda


Business feasibility study aims to find out the things that need to be considered in starting a business or business. In starting a business many things must be considered, starting from technical feasibility, price feasibility, economic feasibility. The purpose of this research is to analyze the business feasibility of a Pedada Mangrove fruit processed business as a syrup drink, where there is an impact of planting mangroves in preserving the environment in the study area. The research method using the business and budgeting feasibility test that is the Break Even Point (BEP) and Return Cost Ratio (R/C) test. The results showed that the results of the BEP Price of IDR 8,720/bottle were worth the effort. Whereas Reveneu Cost Ratio (R/C) of 1.72> 1 means that the processed business of mangrove fruit syrup is suitable for business. Financially, the price of a PEPI mangrove syrup product is feasible to be cultivated, and the R / C of syrup is more than 1, then it is feasible to be cultivated.