The Relevance of Vocational High School Curriculum of Construction Engineering & Property to the Needs of Industries in Indonesia

  • Amat Jaedun, Slamet PH., Galih NIPP.


Vocational high school (VHS) curriculum should be regularly updated to align graduates’ competencies with business and industrial needs. This study aimed at evaluating the relevance level of the VHS curriculum of Construction Engineering & Property to the required competencies in the industry. It involved 45 construction industries in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia as the research sample. The closed and open questionnaires were employed to collect the data on the competencies needed by construction industries. Data  were analyzed using descriptive analysis to describe the relevance level. We use the Exel and SPSS softwere to perform the analysis. Results showed that the graduates’ competency as a whole can be categorized as highly relevant to the needs of the industries in all fields of construction works with an average percentage of 90.16%. Of the three competencies needed, the personal competency is the most needed one, with the percentage of 96.82%, followed by basic knowledge with 90.34%, and the technical skill with 85.51%, respectively. The research conclusion shows that in all three areas of construction work, all aspects of personal competence found in the VHS curriculum of Construction Engineering and Property are the competencies required by the construction industry.