Cultural Dimensions as Antecedents of Investment Behaviour among Omani Women Entrepreneurs

  • Dr. Ansa Salim, Dr. Fatma Al Harthy, Dr. Sulphey M. M.


This study focuses on the self-efficacy and its relationship with other elements among Omani women entrepreneurs. Self-efficacy can contribute towards women empowerment.  The present paper explores in depth the relationships of cultural, social, psychological and personal factors of women entrepreneurs registered for the privileges of Omani insurance system (PASI).  The level of self- efficacy among the Omani women entrepreneurs is yet to be monitored and tracked to gain insights so that effective utilization of resources can take place.  Data was collected among 334 women entrepreneurs of Oman registered under Public Authority of Social Insurance though multi-stage sampling. The result shows that a positive significant relationship between various aspects of self-efficacy.  There is a definite need to conduct further studies on the different aspects of social security system.  The implication and scope for future research in this field is also discussed.