Career Maximization, Employee Engagement and Certain Cultural Variables as Antecedents of Employee Creativity: A Study using Structural Equation Modelling

  • Abdulaziz Alabood, Sulphey, M. M.


Employee creativity is one of the main cognitive factors of organizational performance;which could lead success, and sustainability of the firm. There are many antecedents of creativity.  The present study was conducted to identify the impact of career maximization, employee engagement and the cultural dimensions of collectivism and uncertainty avoidance on employee creativity of Saudi employees.  Data collected from 389 employees of varying demographics was analyzed using Structural Equation Modelling.  The results showed that uncertainty avoidance was against the hypothesized relationship between employee engagement and creativity.  It was found that career maximization is significantly related to employee engagement.  Collectivism was found to be related to employee engagement and creativity.  Similarly, employee engagement was found to significantly related to creativity.  The study assumes significance, as Saudi Arabia has unique culture, and no earlier studies have been conducted to examine the relationship between the variables identified in the present study.  It is expected that the findings of the study will motivate further researches in this interesting area.