Effectiveness of Faculty Development Program and Its Impact on Student Centered Learning Outcome in Private Universities of Bangladesh

  • Mayesha Tasnim, Imran Selim, Sadmeena Mahreen Promi


Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to explore how faculty development program can be effectively used to develop the faculties who are working in different private universities of Bangladesh. It also establishes a bridge between faculty development program and its impact on creating a student centered learning environment. This paper has proposed a framework which supports active learning and student centered learning by focusing on developing content, outcome based curriculum and teaching method focusing students need.

Methodology: Thenatureofthestudyareaincludestheresearchdesign,population,sampleandsamplingtechniques,datacollection andanalysis.Theresearchquestionwasansweredthroughacarefulanalysisofthedifferenceamongstmeanrating score before the faculties attended the faculty development workshop and after theprogram.

Findings:  The findings of the paper confirm that faculty development program is effective for developing faculties skills and plays a vital role on creating a student centered learning environment

Research limitations/ Implications: Further research can be done to investigate how faculty development program can support the students in terms of nurturing their skills and transforming them into a good citizen of the society

Practical Implications: Through this research, universities can get a guideline on how to implement faculty development program for the faculties

Social Implications: This study can enhance awareness among the faculties and students and can support to build such environment which can foster cooperation, innovation and active learning.

Originality/ value: Universities can take realistic approach while developing a faculty development program which can play an important role in faculties’ professional growth as well as helping the students to learn better.