Digital of Sharia Value and Tourism: Surging Pivotal of University’s Role in Social Development Format

  • Muhammad Habibi Siregar


In fact, in many cases the activity in cyberspace is more done than in the real world. It has never happened before when cyberspace activities seem to be a necessity by many people, while they require formal legal rules as well as ethical use. How many negative excesses from this virtual world can affect an individual if not done responsibly it will lead to unfavorable social impacts. Therefore, there are two things that need to be understood firmly, especially, the use of digital activities must be done wisely and monitored for those who do not have a relatively adequate age. Norms or ethics in Islam as the core value of sharia which is something must not participate in changes in society. Because it is part of balancing the dynamics of society. Yet, human needs a fixed level of values ​​to maintain the integrity of the community. Due it is maintained from a variety of disturbances that can undermine the social ties that have been maintained. Norms or ethics is something abstract requires concrete application when practiced in society. Digital era perceived where gadgets have become a phenomenon in creating new behaviors that exist in society including the travelling. Because of the time of this millennial generation forced to take various sectors of to survive in this life.  They must make setting the various activities of life both in the formal and informal sector in tight competition . The shadow boundaries between countries are not an obstacle to be able to communicate visually as if the world is narrowing even though it is the result of the development of increasingly advanced information technology.   In the social context this new development has created new behaviors in the social and individual dimensions, how not because many of the social media users known as netizens can make social contact communally in a community without physical presence.