A Strategic Concept for Policy on Local Processed Food Mie Aceh for Costumer-Friendly and Halal Food

  • Teuku Ahmad Yani, Husni


The objective of this research was to build a new strategic concept related to the production and service of traditional food with noodle as the mean ingredients, well-known as mie Aceh (Aceh noodle). The strategic concept starts with processing, producing, and marketing. Mie Aceh is processed by involving chemicals and hazardous materials such as borax, excessive ashes, and formalin. This practice violates Law No 18 of 2012 (Food Law), jo Law No. 8 of 1999 regarding consumer protection. The food available to consumers should be healthy and hygienic, free from biological and chemical contaminated hazardous materials, and the processing needs to meet halal’s procedure, as regulated in Islamic Sharia. In addition, noodle processing business is considered a micro or small business, and the business owners do not have any protection for their intellectual property rights because they are not registered at Directorate General of Trade Mark and Geographical Indications to obtain legal protection, in accordance with Law No 20 of 2016 regarding trademark and geographical indication. Meanwhile, the local government considers Mie Aceh as a local culinary promoted as a part of tourism activities. Based on the special autonomy status in Aceh according to Law No 11 of 1006 regarding the governing of Aceh, this issue should be a challenge for Aceh Government and District Governments in the province in promoting local culinary tourism which is competitive to food from other areas or other countries. This research was a normative legal research study, which tested norms, rules, or legislation related to food, consumer protection, and health. The primary data used in this research were the secondary data consisting of primary secondary, and tertiary legal materials. The approaches used in the research were statue approach, conceptual approach, and comparison approach. This research used empirical knowledge as the supporting analysis material.