Local Wisdom of Oral Literature: The Exsistence of Dodaidi towards Child Parenting in Aceh during the Military Operations Area (DOM)

  • Bachtiar Akob, Reni Nuryanti, Khalsiah


The research analyzed the existence and values of local wisdom of dodaidi on parenting during the Military Operation Area (DOM) in 1989-1998. The social psychology approach was used to explain aspects of the behavior and mentality of Acehnese women at that time. The results showed that there were two purpose for Acehnese women to sing dodaidi. First, to implant the values of jihad so that their children grow up to be brave or warriors of Aceh. Second, to get inner peace by repeating the shalawat in the dodaidi lyrics. Dodaidi became a psychological therapy to reduce tension and fear in Acehnese women. The local wisdom value of dodaidi in parenting during the Military Operation Area (DOM) was divided into three, namely: explicit, implied, and hidden.