The Importance of Disaster Education, in Order to Increase the Preparedness of Elementary School Communities around Sinabung Volcano

  • Muzani, Cahyadi Setiawan, Warnadi


Lack of knowledge and understanding of hazards, vulnerabilities and suspected risks, causes people to tend to have low preparedness abilities in the face of disasters. Preparedness in facing disasters must be taught and trained from an early age through disaster education. Disaster education can be given since elementary school. The role of schools is very important in efforts to improve disaster preparedness. The learning community in a school consisting of principals, teachers, students, and other people in the school, must have knowledge and understanding of disaster risks in the school and the surrounding environment. The readiness of the learning community in the form of better knowledge and understanding is believed to reduce disaster risk. The purpose of this study is to describe the role of the learning community in elementary schools in increasing knowledge and understanding related to preparedness in facing Sinabung eruption. Field surveys and in-depth interviews are used as data collection methods which are then processed in the form of descriptions. The results showed that the school community had an important role in increasing preparedness for the Sinabung Vulcano eruption disaster. Comprehensive disaster education on disaster preparedness in the Sinabung Vulcano area still needs to be improved. Therefore, the final results of this study are expected to be a reference for disaster education around the volcano.