Ushul Fiqh Aspects in Shariah Economic Research

  • Sudirman Suparmin, Dedy Rachmad


Usul fiqh is a sharia research method used to analyze various fiqh laws relating to contemporary Sharia Economic activities. This paper explains the position of Usul Fiqh as a sharia learning method. This paper also outlines the relationship between ushul fiqh and Sharia Economics research methods. The results of the study showed that usul fiqh was an important aspect of analyzing contemporary legal fiqh, especially in Sharia economic activities. This mechanism is referred as the Qur'an and Sunnah texts, the argumentation of Ijma and Qiyas, and the use of the Mashlahah and 'Urf methods in an effort to achieve the results of in-depth analysis related to economic cases that arise at the present time.