A Forensic Linguistic Point of View of Implicational Conversations in a Police Interrogation: A Review

  • Munirah, Sigit Apriyanto


Forensic linguistic experts pick out troubles through a speech from speakers in the structure of language style, forensic phonetics, and dialectology while writing in the form of fingerprints and analysts to categorical the contents of their writing. This study covers the concern on the criteria are used to decide a persons' can be known as linguist witnesses,the ethics of a linguist witness, the criteria that can be used to measure the level of scientific evidence presented by linguistic witnesses,the way of linguist witnesses in finding linguistic evidence, and the way of linguist in describing the implicature of conversation in a police interrogation. The data collected from research articles, books, and journals were analyzed by using descriptive analysis method. In this study, the things related to the role of linguistic forensics will be presented in the process of interrogation, legal language, and forensic linguistic position itself. Finally, it can be concluded that the conversational implicature is used by the police in the interrogation process in dealing with the suspect on common ground, make the suspect consistent without feeling depressed, and help the suspect in describing the case.