The Role of E-Learningin the Era Of Industrial Revolution 4.0, andCollaborative Learning on Employee Performance Mediated through Training

  • Dewi Puspitaningytas Faeni, Ratih Puspaningytas Faeni, Rinny Meidiyustiani, Firnanda Nursila


The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of e-learning, the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, and collaborative learning on employee performance mediated by training. In order to achieve the goal of the study, we conducted a survey study in Bank of Mandiri by distributing 133 questionnaires. Based on 100 usable data, we analyzed the data by  usingSmartPLS. The analysis found that the industrial revolution era 4.0 has a positive effect on training that leads to the improvement of employee’s performance. This study suggests that the competitiveness in the industrial revolution era 4.0 stimulates members of an organization to increase both the quality and quantity of training that  can leverage employees’ performance.