Improving Business Intension Through Self-Efication and Business Motivation

(Study of Student in the Krisnadwipayana University, Jakarta 2020)

  • Djoko Setyo Widodo


The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of self-efficacy and entrepreneurial motivation on student entrepreneurship intentions either partially or simultaneously at Krisnadwipayana University, Jakarta. The population in this study were students at Krisnadwipayana University in Jakarta who had attended entrepreneurship courses with a total of 100 students. The technical analysis used in this study is path analysis which helps using SPSS 21.0. for windows used in model development and hypothesis testing, which is followed by determination analysis (R Square), partial hypothesis testing (t test) and simultaneous (F test) with alpha of 5 percent (0.05). Before further analysis, a research instrument test is carried out which is followed by a classical assumption test through the normality test and the heterokedasticity test. The results showed that the self-efficacy system and entrepreneurial motivation had a positive and significant effect on student entrepreneurship intentions at Krisnadwipayana University, Jakarta.