Evolutionary Process of the Turkic Word Formation: Phonetic and Morphonological Structures of the Turkic Root

  • Odanova Sagira Amangeldiyevna, Abdirassilova Gulmira Kalybaevna, Fazylakhmetova Aigul Tanatkanovna, Darkenbayeva Zhaidargul Kadyrovna, Satbekova Aigyl Amantaevna


The ultimate goal of a comparative research of monosyllabic roots and stems in the Turkic languages is the identification of their fund. The task here is to offer a more or less universal, most commonly acceptable way, a technique in the study of their phonosemantic, morphonological and ideographic systems. Naturally, this approach has to be methodologically verified and convenient for visual and systemic comparison of roots and stems within the vocabulary of closely related Turkic languages of a taxonomical type.