The Origins of the National Musical and Rock Opera in the Pop Art of Kazakhstan (Genres of Musical and Rock Opera in Kazakhstan)

  • Alpysbaeva Venera Nagmetdullaevna, Ospanova Togzhan Umurzakovna


This article discusses the features of the formation of musical and rock opera genres in Kazakhstan and their historical significance in the development of domestic pop art. At the same time, the national origins of the emergence of these genres are analyzed in conjunction with the traditional genres of Kazakh song art, their influence on the emergence and development of the musical and rock opera genres.

The purpose of the study: to identify and justify the national origins of the musical and rock opera genres in Kazakhstan. In connection with this goal, tasks are formulated.

 The methodological and theoretical basis of the study was the work based on traditional theoretical and analytical methods for considering genre-style features and the foundations of their interaction, widely tested in art history.

The national musical and rock opera are some of the brightest, most spectacular genres in pop culture. Their popularization is an effective factor shaping the current cultural context of Kazakhstan and affecting the musical creativity of a new generation of composers and performers, developing the perception of listeners. In the works of modern Kazakhstani composers creating musicals and rock operas, two main trends remain the most relevant is the implementation of national and understanding of modern means of expression.