Research of Psychological Influence of Teachers ʹCommuneсation on Emotional Stability in Different Stages of Professionalization

  • Baltabayev Nurlan, Yessengabylov Ilyas, Ungarbaeya Shynar, Akhmetova A. K.,Taubaldieva Zhumatai, Toxanbayeva Nurgul, Kairatova Inkar


This study is devoted to the most important acmeological problem of studying the development of emotional stability as a professionally important quality of the psychological education system. In this work, we proceeded from the understanding that emotional stability is a functional, dynamic, integrative properties - the emotional sphere of the personality, contributing to the successful achievement of the goals of the activity, providing an emotional environment and allowing the flexibility to respond to a difficult situation while maintaining internal emotional balance.

The problem of studying emotional stability and its dynamics at different stages of professional activity is one of the urgent problems in psychological science.

Such research interest once again emphasizes the relevance of the problem of studying the development of emotional stability in modern psychology.