Artistic and Creative Development of Students in the Process of Teaching the National Embroidery

  • Abizhanova Asem, Raimkulova Aktoty, Amrekul Abuov, Mombek Aliya, Dosmagambetova Jamila, Kurmankulov Abay


This research paper discusses the issue of embroidery and its role in culture. In this research we tried to look at the national aspects and demonstrate the techniques in embroidery. The aim of this research is to investigate the national treasure relating to the embroidery and find the methodology to teach to the young generation, to the students of art specialties as well as the make contribution to the development of art science. The embroidery is a type of art, which places a special emphasis on the beauty of the tissue and enriches it. The masterpiece of the minds, which has been depicted in the masterpiece of the artistic imagination of the talented people of our nation for centuries. The embroidery was used for many purposes: to express different political or spiritual ideas to remember personality or public events, to show status, to narrate history or to promote the beauty of the natural world. The magnificent patterns were continuously reproduced, replicated, and reproduced. The tradition of celestialism, accompanied by maturity, with its elegance, elegance and elegance, contributed to the welfare of our people, and uplifted its physical and spiritual life.