The Mainstreaming Women's Empowerment in Gender Islamic Boarding School

  • Mustari Bosra, Umiarso


This research conducts the religious-based gender framework within the Islamic boarding school education system. A qualitative study was conducted in the site of Pesantren Nurul Islam Antirogo, Pesantren al-Falah Karangharjo Jember, and Pesantren an-Nuqoyyah Guluk-Guluk Sumenep.  The data were collected by documentary study,  interview,  observation, and an open-ended questionnaire. This research found that the Islamic boarding schools carried out reconstruction through theological-philosophical awareness that was designed from the dialogic process of re-interpretative religious normative texts with reality. The emergence of this awareness led the Islamic boarding school to direct their education system to feel egalitarian, non-discriminatory, and non-subordinate towards women inside and outside the Islamic boarding school. The axiology of the Islamic boarding school education system leads to the normative value of humanitarian unity.  The reason for the realization of an education system based on human values that is non-violent in the cultural, social, or even religious domains.