Institutional Capacity in the Development of Transmigration Areas

  • Isra Muksin, Ida Widianingsih, Budhi Gunawan, Yogi Suprayogi Sugandi


This article aims to realize a new growth center to improve the welfare and independence of transmigrants and the surrounding community. This research uses the explorative qualitative descriptive method to get a complete understanding by using observations, interviews, and related documents. Informants in this study were 53 people consisting of 26 ASN Tidore Islands City, 7 ASN ministries (central government), and 20 transmigrant residents in the Payahe transmigration area. This research found that the Regional Government of the City of Tidore Islands has not been able to develop Payahe transmigration services due to the limited APBD so that the dependency on balancing funds is very high. To maintain the sustainable development of the Payahe region, the development of local government capacity as a solution for the local government of Tidore Kepulauan City to innovate for the welfare and independence of transmigrant residents.