The Contiguous Zones as Special Jurisdiction: A Case Study in Indonesia

  • Giustin Aryahya Lubis, Dina Sunyowati


Violations of the law that occur in the fields of customs, fiscal, immigration, and sanitary is increasingly happened in Indonesian jurisdiction. Based on article UNCLOS 1982 and its ratification, it has been carried out but it is not affectively implementing into action. The purpose of this study is to analyze the implementation and urgency of the regulation of contiguous zones in Indonesian areas. The method of research is due to conceptual and legislative approach. This approach will conceptualize that the Contiguous Zone is part of the state jurisdiction which referred to as "special jurisdiction" because the coastal state needs the power to carry out security of state interests in the fields of customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary. The results is that Indonesia needimmediate action toformulate Law on Contiguous Zones by taking into account the many legal vacancies and improvements to all legislation relating to the Contiguous Zones.