Political Participation of Sub Urban Society in Democracy Process (A Lesson from Sumedang, Indonesia)

  • Yusa Djuyandi, Wawan Budi Darmawan, Jumroh


The local election of the regional head becomes a manifestation of reformation and democratization at the regional level. When it was held for the first time, the enthusiasm and optimism of sub-urban society were so high, but recently it's precisely declining. The political participation decline in the regional heads elections was caused to some factors, which are: some regional heads who are chosen then ultimately becomes local kings who only give concerned to them self and their political group, there are also many regional heads which later stumbled on corruption cases. This research uses a qualitative method where primary data were obtained directly through field observations and interviews with some informants. Based on the research it can be known that sub-urban society is become realizing about the importance of political participation, but the efforts to foster it still constrained by some factors, such as the lack of community aspiration channels, demographic condition, besides that many peoples who are working in industrial sector found some difficulties to follow the political education process.