Fulfillment of Creditor Rights in Delaying Debt Payability (Study of Decision Number 11/PKPU/2013/PN Niaga Medan)

  • Maniah, Jemmy Rumengan, Arief Nurtjahjo, Ramon Nofrial, Chablulah Wibisono


Request for postponement of debt payment obligations by Rezki Noviani to P.T. Synco Energi with register Number 11/PKPU/2013/PN Niaga Medan, whose decision has legal consequences of granting the application by ratifying (homologation), punishing the parties to obey the contents of Peace, but the settlement of the obligations of P.T. Synco Energi (Debtor) to the creditors of P.T. The Indonesian Classification Bureau (Persero) found no good faith. Debtor. P.T. Synco Synergy is considered negligent and in bad faith towards the decision of the peace agreement (homologation). Legal remedies for the Indonesian Classification Bureau creditors over the debtor default of P.T. Synco Synergy by proposing the cancellation of the peace agreement.