COVID-19 in Indonesia Social Epidemiology Perspective Tailored to Community-Based Health Promotion

  • Dra. Laili Rahayuwati, Andy Nuriyanto, Habsyah Saparidah Agustina, Raini Diah Susanti, Iqbal Pramukti


The number of COVID-19 incidents is rising in Indonesia, indicating a lack of social awareness in preventing the virus from further spreading and of the government efforts in handling the pandemic. This research aimed to construct a community-based health promotion model to decelerate the spreading of COVID-19 in the social epidemiology discourse in Indonesia. This research used literature review and secondary data. The keywords include COVID-19, prevalence, incidents, spreading. The selected articles were related to the situation, COVID-19 data development, and the aspects of program and handling in the community. The result showed that the implement a community-based approach using health promotion to decelerate the spreading of COVID-19 for health and create an effective anti-stigma program for patients, healthcare staff, and society.