About the Journal

The Journal of Talent Development and Excellence (JTDE) is a professional organization of scientists working in the fields of talent development, creativity, excellence and innovation. Its main objectives are:
 To initiate, conduct, and support research in the fields of talent development, creativity, excellence and innovation;

  • To assemble all who are interested in these fields for an exchange of ideas and experiences;
  • To disseminate research findings;
  • To provide a database for members and researchers;
  • To assist the development and evaluation of programs and educational endeavors in these fields.

 JTDE is the only global association of its kind, set up for researchers and field professionals. It cooperates with governments and organizations concerned with the worldwide promotion of talents, creativity, excellence, and innovation.
In the service of its purposes, the JTDE organizes conferences and symposia, and publishes a newsletter and a journal. It is also committed to building bridges between theory and practice, particularly in the fields of gifted education, capacity building and organizational development. To this end the JTDE not only offers Full Memberships for scientists, but also Affiliated Memberships for organizations and practitioners. Membership is free.